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…we made it out of the typical system and you can never go back after that…

That’s a quote from the movie I encourage you to watch! Like I asked in previous posts: are we ready to do the work? Yes, it seems a lot of work but how important is it to us to live lives that are authentic and self-directed. Are we really so numbed out and lethargic that the choice of a lesser life with a form of “shadow career” is more appealing to us? All of us have a lot of challenges we share and economically most of us are in the same boat. So what options do you see? How are you doing it: make a living and live your purpose?

Arizona needs a cooperative movement and the hardest is to get it started. Come join us in any capacity and make ever easier for the ones that will undoubtedly join us once we get it going and show some success. We are diligently working on setting up the Arizona Cooperative Initiative in such a way that we can help the development of cooperatives in AZ. We have lots of highly rewarding challenges: funding the AZ cooperative development, working with the legislator to establish statues for AZ, creating working, living examples, educate as many people about the exciting possibilities of all forms of coops and much more… Watch this movie to learn more about what people are doing all over the US:

This video was originally written by Laura Flanders of GRITv for the YES magazine. Click here to read the whole article on cooperative development in the US supported by GRITv and TESA.

Please contact us if you have ANY interest to learn more, help our small team to get bigger, some idea about opening a coop in AZ or for any other reason. Let’s work together to bring the change we seek down into our daily work!