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RichardStarling Richard Starling has been working with nonprofit groups for over thirty years helping them address a broad range of development issues – supporting groups that are working to consciously shift interaction within the human family from one of personal self-interest to one that acknowledges the interdependence of all life on the planet. Some current groups/projects:

  • Arizona Community Land Trust, an organization that holds land for the benefit of the larger community/ecosystem, offering access through programs of affordable housing, community gardens and other community initiatives;
  • SevaCircle, a cooperative of nonprofit professional service providers working to assist in the development of initiatives that understand humanity’s shared responsibility to heal, repair and transform the world; and
  • Arizona Cooperative Initiative, a nonprofit working to promote the cooperative model for a broad spectrum of community endeavors; provide developmental assistance to cooperatives; and create an interactive system of mutual support within the cooperative network.


KevinKevin Kandi Drew Greathouse

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Daniel_Gongs_sqDaniel Hirtz is a musician, seminar leader, social entrepreneur and peace activist. He also give individual healing sessions and has worked in the human potential movement with people over the last 30 years.

His professional background is in the field of marketing, web development and network marketing. He is trained in various fields such as group dynamics, art therapy, socio-cultural animation and energy healing. He is currently faculty of the Dhwani Academy of percussion music and teaches north Indian Tabla as well as basic and advanced drum and rhythm classes. 

He co-developed Community Cuisine with his wife Ingrid Hirtz which has the plan to become a worker owned cooperative. His roles are webmaster, customer service and general support. Learn more about him on his website at

Honorary member:

CarolwebshotCarol Manetta is a product of the educational world.  Her education includes Bachelor and Master of Education degrees from Wayne State University in Detroit, Michigan with undergraduate and graduate studies undertaken at the University of Michigan Dearborn in management.  Her recent experience includes prison transition curriculum development and oversight of the grant based Transition Program at two prison complexes in Florence, Arizona, USA. Carol founded Reentry and Preparedness and has opened new opportunities through development of family member training, organizational partnership development, and by founding the worker-owned cooperative, Earthlight, LLC for manufacturing of prefabricated greenhouses and food production and distribution on Indian reservations in the US.

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